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The Vision

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The Vision

I found myself in Thassos in early 90’s for a summer vacation.

After a few days spent visiting different places I felt an attraction for the island as a whole. For its secluded beaches with turquoise waters, its steep slopes covered in trees offering breathtaking views and its local cuisine based on fish and meat!

My last stop is Theologos village, located almost in the heart of the island, Thassos’s first capital and one of the five historic sites of Greece which proved quite enlightening!

A place with old stone houses, some of them date back to 1591, when the village was first established during the Ottoman Empire.

Houses with slate tile roofing, narrow streets made of stone offering majestic views to the fully covered by pine trees mountains at both sides of the village and the fine noise of the river’s water, located on the right side of the village, flowing under the 1917 stone bridge formed a peaceful and nostalgic environment travelling you back the centuries.

I felt so attracted to the place that I decided to buy an old house, renovate it by respecting its traditional architecture and turn it into a cottage where I could spend my summer vacation.

In 2015 I decided to build Elaion Terra, a Boutique GuestHouse in order to offer to Thassos visitors the opportunity to experience the island in the same way I did during my first stay. Built in a peaceful location in Theologos village’s south side, following the standards of traditional architecture being fully harmonized with the natural scenery. It allows a personalised services to every customer through its small scale and family owned character.
Elaion Terra is a place for those who wish to enjoy the serenity of the environment, the unhindered view to the mountain, and take advantage of its proximity to all popular locations of the island.

Looking forward to welcoming and hosting you!

Athina Kouvaka
Owner / Operator of Elaion Terra Boutique GuestHouse.